New Years REVOLUTION 2023


It’s almost the New Year.

I have an idea. What say we screw the resolutions. The unused gym memberships alone will tell you they were made to be broken.

You know what cannot be broken?

Intentions. Desires. Values.

They are softer and truer. There is nothing to change. These qualities live inside us. One choice at a time, we will make them manifest out in the world.

What we write we invite, so let’s do this together. Let’s ask ourselves what we want. What is true for us. Allow it to rise to the surface of everyday life.


Because we have permission to want what we want.

Here are my 23 invitations to the universe.

And to myself.

  1. I will ask myself what I want and what I am willing to let go of to get there. Because you can’t just keep cramming more into your life. We must first subtract to make room.
  1. I will say YES to what feels empowering and NO to what doesn’t, cultivating the supportive over the draining.
  1. I will fuel myself with peppermint tea, meditation, nature, movement, and good conversations.

  1. I will adopt practices that feel sustainable and energizing and allow the others to float away.
  1. I will live my values of truth, wholeness, integrity. Sometimes I won’t. And then I will forgive myself for being a f-ing flawed human.
  1. I will feel my own feelings and stay out of other people’s business. Most of the time.
  1. I will meet my own needs first. I will recognize when I have NOT done this and do better the next time around.
  1.  I will not feel guilty for caring for myself first.
  1.  I will give away only what I have already given to myself knowing that I give from the overflow.
  1.  I will face challenges with curiosity, not worry, dread or negativity. I will breathe the crappy stuff out.
  1. I will allow my feelings to flow through me and release them instead of batting them away or storing them up like nuts for winter.

  1.  I will speak kindness into my ears.
  1.  When someone’s behavior is bothering me, I will ask myself what it is about them that is waking me up to what I dislike in myself.
  1.  I will respond to others with compassion instead of reacting in judgment or anger. Sometimes I will suck at this and apologize. And I will still be kind to myself.
  1.  I will assume everyone is doing the best they can, including me.

  1.  I will remind myself that all I ever have is this moment.
  1.  When someone asks me for something, I will take time to decide, seeking the stillness necessary to allow my own truth to emerge.

18.  I will ask myself how I want to feel. Then I will make choices that create those feelings inside me.

  1.  I will allow myself to be.

20.   I will treat myself like a human being.

  1.    I will dare to do what I want.
  1.    I will love and appreciate myself first.
  1.    And THEN I will have the capacity to love and appreciate others.

So. What about you? I would love to hear.

Happy New Year, baby. Let’s do this.



WRITING PROMPT: What are your intentions for the year? What are your values? Desires? Needs?  

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